Reporting as a Service for 21st Century IDEA Act

Meet your December 20, 2019 deadline on reporting to Congress the current state of your Section 508 Compliance.

    What is the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) ?

    The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) has requirements to modernize public services including access to people with disabilities and the elderly as already embodied in the Section 508 law.

    What the law requires of Executive Agencies

    1. Any new or redesigned website or digital service (documents, mobile apps etc.) must be Section 508 compliant effective immediately. The 180-day window of exemption has already expired.
    2. Any existing website or digital service must file a report to Congress by December 20, 2019. This includes a full review for Section 508 compliance and prioritization for remediation of any outstanding issues. The report must also provide cost and schedule estimates for meeting the Section 508 requirements.

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    Getting help for existing websites

    With just a short time before the deadline arrives, Deque can help you author the report Congress requires regarding Section 508 Compliance.

    Deque will scan and create an inventory of your websites and digital services. We will also produce a report for Section 508 compliance which you can include in your report to Congress for the 21st Century IDEA Act. Have confidence in your reporting, knowing that Deque accessibility reporting is produced using the de-facto rules engine for automated accessibility testing and is supplemented by an accessibility expert performing a manual-check.

    When evaluating reporting solutions, it’s important to remember your annual reporting requirements. Deque can provide the answer to “Are things getting better or worse?” in subsequent years. And if you are working with Deque, they will be getting better.

    The deliverable you will receive contains:

    1. An executive summary and presentation that will provide an overview of the current state of accessibility across your digital footprint.
    2. Segmentation of findings at an individual Department or Agency level.
    3. Prioritization of digital assets for remediation.
    4. Cost and schedule estimate for bringing assets to Section 508 Compliance.
    5. Full assessment report of the first property in the list of priorities with detailed list of defects where work effort can begin.

    We can help you with hands-on remediation if you’d like to take action on reducing Section 508 compliance issues too!

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    Get immediate help with 21st Century IDEA Act compliance

    To discuss how Deque can help you meet this new mandate, register here and we'll be in touch to schedule a discovery call.

    Getting help for new development and design efforts

    Illustration of a Functional QA Tester and Accessibility Expert working together at a desk.

    Since all new development and redesign of websites and digital services is required to be Section 508 compliant now, we can help your agile teams by embedding a developer who is an expert in accessibility and build in tools by integrating automated testing tools into your development process, whether you are Agile or still moving to Agile.

    Learn more about Experts-in-residence and Accessibility Remediation.

    Why work with Deque?

    Fast path to results

    Tailoring a report for your IDEA Act needs is an easy and inexpensive way to get data on the nature and extent of your accessibility problems.

    Avoid data overload

    A full assessment will drown you in data, not arm you with the report, prioritization, cost and schedule required by the law. With a tight and rapidly approaching deadline, you will get exactly what you need – no more, no less.

    Targeted approach

    The detail of a full assessment becomes increasingly irrelevant with the passage of time. We will prioritize and do a full assessment only on the property you will begin remediation efforts on first.

    Unparalleled expertise

    You will have a reputable company with several senior accessibility experts who have seen similar sites and can recommend how to pick the “low hanging accessibility fruit.”