Axe for Designers in Figma

Over 8,000 designers are already using the axe for Designers to build more inclusive experiences. Start sending your Dev team accessibility annotations now.

Why choose axe for Designers?

Trusted results

Our WCAG expertise is unrivaled. In fact, 15 Deque employees are on W3C Accessibility Working Groups writing the standards.

Speedy reviews

Automatically detect common accessibility issues across the entire design, or individual components.

Preserve integrity

Auto-annotations ensure your accessible designs are adopted by dev teams as you intended.

Design with accessibility in mind

Start building accessibility into your Figma designs and pass your intent on to Developers with confidence. Stop accessibility barriers before they start and deliver a design that works for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Work efficiently

Use axe for Designers right in your Figma workspace.

Screenshot of axe for Designers in Figma showing scan results

Reduce complexity

Start with the *auto-annotation feature to speed your workflow. Our annotations even include short codes to ensure your intent is coded correctly by developers.

*Sign-up required.

The axe plugin automatically annotating

Act quickly

Auto-scan your designs for color contrast, target size, and headings to find out in seconds where you have accessibility issues, then save and share the details.

Axe for designers figma plugin showing contrast issues detected

Thank you so much for making this! This is a really powerful way to annotate for accessibility. The plugin explains clearly about each “type” of annotation, enabling designers to learn more as they work and facilitating more productive conversations between designers and engineers

Photo of Sarah Bonville

Sarah Bonville Senior Product Designer, Accessibility, Khan Academy

This plugin is the best thing to happen to Figma. It’s awesome! I’ve been using Axe for over 5 years now and it’s so great to be able to get a even fraction of that suite inside of Figma. Keep up the great work!”

Photo of Bryce Watson

Bryce Watson Head of Design, Yoke

Who is axe for Designers for?

Web designers using Figma

Go far beyond color contrast to create inclusive designs, accessible for everyone regardless of ability.

Web design managers

Build sustainable accessibility into your design processes.

Developers and dev team managers

Reduce development time and rework with clear, fully annotated designs that include code snippets.

Accessibility Subject Matter Experts

Ensure that accessibility is addressed correctly before any coding is done.