Our Leadership

    Headshot of a fierce Preety Kumar

    Preety Kumar

    Preety is the CEO of Deque Systems and founded Deque in 1999 with the vision of unifying Web access, both from the user and the technology perspective. Under Preety’s leadership, Deque has grown to be a market leader in the field of information accessibility, serving corporate and government clients with the highest standards in information technology such as Veteran Affairs, Department of Education, Humana, Intuit, HSBC, Target, and others. She collaborated with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and is a nominated member of the Accessibility Forum’s Strategic Management Council: a GSA sponsored group with representatives from the IT industry, academia, Government Agencies, and disabled user groups that fosters information accessibility through mutual cooperation.

    Mike Farrell

    Mike is the Executive Vice President at Deque. He has been described as “a very results and business oriented manager with a good sense of customer needs and a sound judgment on market needs” and has been an enterprise software executive and entrepreneur since 1976. In 1985, he founded Interleaf Canada with VC funding. Mike rapidly grew the operation and then sold it, as planned, to its US-based parent company. Mike also ran Global Sales and Marketing for OpenText, a leading global content management vendor, from startup phase through IPO. After many acquisitions and organic growth, he grew the company to $600 million in revenue with solid profits and cash flow. Mike’s significant experience and insights into enterprise software marketing and sales, in addition to his interest in early-stage companies, are instrumental in the development of Deque’s strategy.

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    Headshot of smiling Anik Ganguly

    Anik Ganguly

    Anik is the Chief Operations Officer at Deque. He is an entrepreneur with two decades of executive management experience within high-growth enterprise software companies and a deep interest in mentoring and developing small businesses. Anik formerly served as Executive Vice President of Operations for OpenText, Inc. where he was responsible for all aspects of product strategy, product development and product management, spearheading OpenText’s growth from $22 million to over $400 million in sales. He received his MBA from University of Wisconsin, Madison and continued his education in the areas of Strategy Formulation and Product Development at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan Business School) and Harvard Business School. He leads his own firm, Gain Group, LLC, specializing in technology startup ventures.

    Dylan Barrell

    Dylan is the Chief Product Officer at Deque. He has almost 20 years of experience in technology development, technical sales, product management, product marketing, and corporate development. Dylan founded a startup in 1989 that was acquired. He then went public with OpenText and helped grow revenues to over $400 million. He later led the effort to create a digital center within a Borders store and to begin the transition from purely physical products to digital and physical product mix delivered in a cross channel online and in-store way. In addition to his work experience, Dylan has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from the University of the Witwatersrand. Dylan believes in leading through action to create value for shareholders and the community.

    Headshot of smiling Dylan Barrell

    Headshot of a smiling John Vander Muelen

    John Vander Meulen

    John is the Chief Revenue Officer at Deque. John provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the Commercial teams responsible for the sales, services, implementation and customer support. He has over 30 years of sales, professional services and operations management experience in the delivery of software applications and solutions. Prior to Deque, John served in executive leadership positions in privately held companies as well as larger organizations including Johnson&Johnson, EDS, Chrysler and Compuware Corporation. He held an array of leadership positions across these companies including sales, marketing, software development, professional services, client services, operations and strategy development.

    Sujasree Kurapati

    Sujasree Kurapati is the Managing Director at Deque India. She is responsible for leading, managing and running day-to-day operations at Deque India. Her great passion for accessibility is reflected across multiple roles and 10 years of service with Deque. In addition to leading the India office, Sujasree also heads Innovation for services organization of Deque globally. She has completed her executive senior management program from IIMA, Ahmedabad.

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