Digital Accessibility in Healthcare

The Healthcare market is no stranger to compliance, and digital accessibility compliance affects you, whether you're an insurance provider, hospital, health clinic, physician’s office or state medicare agency within the Healthcare market.

Remove Accessibility Barriers for 25% of the Healthcare Market Segment

Offering the ability to schedule appointments, find a physician in-network, pay bills, and access test results are fundamental to having a competitive edge in the healthcare market. Making your healthcare organization’s websites and apps accessible is especially crucial for people with disabilities because they represent more than a quarter of health care spending in the U.S

Web accessibility-related lawsuits are skyrocketing, forcing thousands of organizations to react and work toward reaching accessibility compliance in the most expensive and inefficient way possible. If addressed proactively, accessibility progress won’t disrupt your organization’s development velocity or business operations, and you’ll prevent risk.

Most importantly, accessible websites, apps, and digital documents provide better customer experiences for everyone. Build up your brand loyalty knowing that the digital experiences you build are optimized for everyone, regardless of ability.

Trusted Experts

Count on the team who has completed 8,000+ compliance projects and is trusted by four out of the top ten healthcare companies in the U.S.

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Deque’s combination of tools, training, and services meet customers where they are at and offer the most efficient and effective long-term solution for maintaining accessibility.

Fast & Easy

Deque tools enable developers to “Shift Left” and practice digital accessibility earlier in the development lifecycle — integrate accessibility into your existing process with as little disruption as possible.

Accessibility Leaders

For 20 years, Deque has been involved and leading efforts for today’s digital accessibility standards. Our experts are instrumental in the creation, maintenance, and evolution of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.

HHS Digital Accessibility Requirements for the Healthcare Market

Effective July 18, 2016, the “Meaningful Access” rule interpreting the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Section 1557 Anti-Discrimination requirements requires providers of health care programs and services that receive federal financial assistance to comply with the new requirements for effective communication (EIT) (including accessible electronic information technology).

This rule applies to every health program or activity that receives Health and Human Services (HHS) funding and every health program or activity administered by HHS.

Furthermore, effective July 1, 2017, new medicare rules require managed care programs to have (EIT) that complies with “modern accessibility standards,” and impose other effective communication requirements such as large print and other alternative formats.

To find out more about how your healthcare organization can reach its compliance goals, contact our experts for a discovery call.

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Deque has more IAAP (industry) certified accessibility experts than any business in the world. Our seasoned accessibility consultants are armed with the best tools and a proven methodology to ensure the success of your accessibility efforts. Our service offerings include:

  • Detailed Accessibility Assessments and Validation Testing – Varying levels of coverage, tailored to your needs
  • Accessibility Assessments for native mobile and mobile web applications
  • Developer Support
  • PDF and Document Remediation
  • Accessibility Program Support
  • And much more…