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    What is Shift Left Accessibility Testing?

    As modern software development practices continue to shift and change, one thing seems clear: the most cost-effective way to ensure the quality of your software is to catch defects as early as possible.

    When it comes to functional testing, the message has been heard loud and clear, but what about web and mobile accessibility testing?

    Traditional Accessibility

    Back in the day, accessibility testing had to happen at the end of the entire development cycle, if not after the delivery date.

    This was partly out of necessity: many accessibility initiatives are the result of end-users encountering live, inaccessible sites or applications and taking legal action to gain equal access to web-based content and services; and partly because the tools to embed accessibility throughout the development process didn’t exist.

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    Accessibility for Today’s Software Development Life-Cycle

    Don’t let accessibility testing impact your development velocity. Deque’s suite of tools were built for the modern development environment with an emphasis on scalability, efficiency, versatility, and innovation.

    axe DevTools

    Unit Testing & Integration Testing

    Integrate accessibility into your regular build test automation. Includes a browser extension so your team can test for accessibility as they code.

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    axe Auditor

    System Testing & User Acceptance Testing

    Guided manual testing to help you incorporate and standardize accessibility as part of your existing QA and user testing processes.

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    axe Monitor

    Regression Testing

    Automated accessibility testing, monitoring, and reporting to help ensure your live web content and applications stay accessible.

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    Speedy Remediation Support

    Amaze is our groundbreaking solution for inaccessible third-party content and accessibility issues that need to be fixed immediately.  It’s fast, secure, and works through accessibility overlays that can be implemented without ever touching the source code

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    Deque tools fit throughout existing development & testing processes

    Illustration of the software development lifecycle depicting accessibility practiced at various points prior to and after release


    In addition to our software tools, we have a variety of services to optimize how accessibility fits in to your web and mobile development processes.

    Not sure where to start?  Ask about a detailed Accessibility Audit.

    Design Comp Accessibility Annotations

    Expert help to identify accessibility issues as early as your UX team’s design phase

    Developer Support

    For those times you need a spot-check or a quick explanation of a complex accessibility issue you can purchase a block of Developer Support hours.



    Strategic Consulting

    We can help you put together a business plan, internal policy development, custom accessibility standards, and other documentation to help you integrate accessibility throughout your regular operations and company culture.

    Online and Instructor-Led Training

    Training is critical to a successful Shift Left when it comes to accessibility. Make sure your team has the necessary skills and that accessibility is part of your onboarding process with our Deque University online training courses and instructor-led training. Topics include…

    • Accessibility Fundamentals
    • Native Mobile Accessibility
    • Intermediate and Advanced Web Accessibility topics
    • PDF and document accessibility
    • Accessibility Certification

    We also offer customized accessibility bootcamps and product-specific training.