Digital Accessibility in Retail

Capture a huge, overlooked market share, reduce your legal risk, lower call-center costs and boost brand value by practicing digital accessibility.

Build better and more accessible eCommerce experiences for everyone

People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group. In the US alone, they have $490 Billion in disposable income but people with disabilities have been directing their online spending power to just a few digitally accessible online retailers. Imagine what capturing even a fraction of that market would do for your business?

Web accessibility-related lawsuits are skyrocketing, forcing thousands of retailers to react and work toward reaching accessibility compliance in the most expensive and inefficient way possible. If addressed proactively, accessibility progress won’t disrupt your organization’s development velocity, or business operations and prevents risk.

Plug leaks in your omnichannel strategy by enabling people with disabilities to benefit from your digital channels. Save costly call-center resources by diverting a significant portion of your inbound calls to a more efficient, and accessible digital alternative.

Most importantly, accessible websites, apps, and digital documents provide better customer experiences for everyone. Build up your brand loyalty knowing that the digital experiences you build are optimized for everyone, regardless of ability.

Trusted Experts

Count on the experts who have completed 8,000+ compliance projects for some of the world’s largest retail providers.

Sustainable Success

Deque’s combination of tools, training, and services offer the most efficient and effective long-term solution to maintaining accessibility.

Fast & Easy

Deque tools enable developers to Shift Left and practice digital accessibility earlier in development. Without disrupting development velocity, integrate accessibility into existing test procedures.

Accessibility Leaders

For 20 years, Deque has been involved and leading efforts for today’s digital accessibility standards. Our experts are instrumental in the creation and maintenance of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.

Reach Your Compliance Goals While Building Your Business

Taking steps towards accessibility and ADA compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the help of a trusted partner like Deque, you can effectively and sustainably become compliant while expanding your potential customer base and building brand equity.

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Expert Services

Deque has more IAAP certified accessibility experts than any business in the world. Our seasoned accessibility consultants are armed with the best tools and a proven methodology to ensure the success of your accessibility efforts. Our service offerings include:

  • Detailed Accessibility Assessments and Validation
  • Developer Assistance
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Multimedia and captioning services
  • And much more…