Accessibility Audits and Compliance Testing

Determine your current state of accessibility compliance and plan for the future.

Choose the right audit to suit your compliance needs

Digital accessibility is a business and legal issue that you can’t afford to ignore. People with disabilities, along with their friends and families, account for 73% of all consumers (PDF). This represents $3.65 trillion in potential revenue–lost if you don’t build accessibility into your websites and digital assets.

On top of this sobering reality, digital accessibility compliance is an expanding legal responsibility with serious risks for any organization that doesn’t address it.

Understanding your risk starts with a thorough examination of your current digital properties as soon as possible in their lifecycle–including the design phase. Deque provides thorough audits and assessments for every major recognized compliance standard. We’re uniquely qualified to ensure your position today and lead improvements into the future.

Which compliance standards and guidelines are you striving toward?

Deque’s accessibility audits

Accessibility projects typically begin and end with an audit – an assessment of the current state of your site or application’s accessibility. You need to see your starting point and measure progress as you fix issues.

Our assessment processes use a proven methodology established by accessibility experts and perfected through more than 20 years of experience. We quickly enable you to reach compliance goals, support improvement with clear and consistent reports, and equip your team for continuing success.

After an audit, we’ll show you which issues to prioritize and address based on impact and severity. Our experts can also participate in the remediation process itself.

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Benefits of an accessibility audit

Reduce Compliance Uncertainty

The rules and technology are always changing. How do your digital resources align with accessibility right now? You need insight from an expert assessment to make sure you’re compliant today and tomorrow.

Get Proof of Compliance

Working with government agencies or other organizations with accessibility requirements demands proof of digital accessibility. Get the documentation you need with an assessment.

Assess Risk

Use our assessments to determine your legal risk and take proactive measures towards lowering it. Secure your digital investments now.

Take the Next Steps

Even if your team is already on a productive journey to digital accessibility, what are your next steps? Audits and assessments provide actionable insights from our experts so you can select the best path forward,

Why are Deque audits better?

Our audits combine the power of the most thorough accessibility testing tools with insight from leading experts in the industry. Our axe toolkit offers extensive automated testing to help capture the majority of issues with less effort.

Combine this with the personal direction and leadership of our strategic accessibility team, and it’s easy to see how an audit from Deque gives you a significant advantage in creating sustainable, holistic accessibility–with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

A group of folks working on an audit together