Accessibility Compliance

Web accessibility is the fast growing practice of optimizing website and applications so the full functionality of that asset is available to people with disabilities. In fact, there are a number of Web Standards defined by the W3C that enable IT teams to build to certain specifications, that allow their sites and apps to be as accessible as possible. In addition, a number of industries and agencies are required by law to become accessible. You might encounter the following laws and guidelines in your research; Section 508, ADA, ACAA, AODA, CVAA, VPAT and more.

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    How Deque Can Help

    Responding to an immediate need, or building the foundation for a sustainable and long term digital accessibility practice, Deque has the most complete suite of tools, services and training available. Our accessibility library has been downloaded over 1M times. Our accessibility testing extensions have been downloaded over 100,000 times, and we’ve completed over 1,000 projects.

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    Most accessibility projects begin and end with an audit – they assess the current state of your site or application’s accessibility resulting in a clear accessibility report.

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    This patented tool helps fix accessibility defects in existing web content without changing the underlying source code. This is the fastest DIY path to getting compliant asap.

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    Getting help from our team of experts will ensure your accessibility fixes will meet your compliance requirements as quickly and effectively as possible.

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    axe Testing Tools

    The axe DevTools, axe Auditor and axe Monitor products enable accessibility experts and development to test and maintain accessibility end-to-end.

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