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Microsoft, Google, and development and testing teams everywhere choose axe to help make their websites, mobile apps & digital content accessible. You should too.

Robust, efficient and accurate accessibility testing tools for all

Built on the world’s most popular accessibility testing library, axe-core. Deque’s suite of axe tools offers full coverage for your testing and compliance needs.

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Join 275,000+ active weekly users in practicing web accessibility testing. Get instant results on your accessibility issues plus more interactive features right in your browser.

Key Features
  • Automated testing
  • Intelligent Guided Testing™
  • Save & export results
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axe DevTools

This powerful and accurate toolkit can get you to 80% accessibility issue coverage, or more, during development.

Key Features
  • Automated testing
  • Intelligent Guided Testing
  • Linting
  • CI/CD integrations
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
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axe Auditor

Perform full-coverage, consistent Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) audits of all content and applications.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive manual testing methodology
  • Predefined issues for all content
  • Group and filter issues for easy communication
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axe Monitor

Dynamically scan, monitor and report on the accessibility status of your entire website.

Key Features
  • Web pages and PDFs
  • Scan whole sites
  • Scan behind authentication and firewalls
  • Watch your status across drill down dashboards
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Having tools that allow you to automate the scans and integrate them into your build process helps a lot because you don’t have to rely on somebody remembering to do it as part of your release process– it just happens automatically.”

Photo of Bob Andreasen

Bob Andreasen Executive Director of Software Quality Assurance, Harland Clarke

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DIY Accessibility Testing with the axe-core API

Build accessibility testing into your automated testing environment with our open source axe rules libraries. Available for…

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View product documentation for all of Deque’s axe accessibility testing tools.

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A11y for Developers

Browse our collection of resources to aide in your accessible development efforts, without impacting your velocity.

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Deque University

Explore training and on-demand reference materials for every level and every area of expertise in digital accessibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often referred to as digital accessibility testing tools, they exist to surface usability barriers for people with disabilities so that they can be fixed. There are a range of tools which help accomplish this. Some are automated or semi-automated and can test for specific barriers and others a wide array. It’s important to select a tool that avoids creating false positives, which wastes valuable development time.

There are 3 types of accessibility testing. 1) Automated- like when a rules engine like axe-core, scans, or analyzes a web page against accessibility standards, such as WCAG. 2) Semi-automated- sometimes referred to as guided testing, like the Intelligent Guided Testing (IGTs) in axe DevTools which rely on question and answer prompts. 3) Manual- when an accessibility expert uses assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and lived experiences to catch complex accessibility barriers that automation is unable to reliably detect.

Web accessibility testing tools that are build on axe-core are the best in the world. The axe Linter for VS Code is a popular free static code analysis tool used by over 20,000 developers. The free axe DevTools browser extension is available in Chrome, Firefox and Edge and is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to catch accessibility errors.

Another popular free tool is Google Lighthouse, which is also powered by axe-core.

Apple and Google provide limited support for accessibility testing of mobile applications with their tools: Accessibility Inspector built into Xcode and Google Scanner on the Play Store. While these tools are free, they won’t capture the same issues and coverage may not align with WCAG’s guidelines.

Deque offers native mobile accessibility testing with axe DevTools Mobile for iOS and Android. Learn more about iOS or Android mobile accessibility testing tools.