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What is axe?

Screenshot of the axe web extension, android app and iOS library in use


Axe is the World’s most popular accessibility testing toolkit built on the World’s most popular accessibility rules library. Axe is ideal for development teams to test their Web or Android applications to help identify and resolve common accessibility issues. Built to scale with your needs, users have run axe for everything from ad-hoc single page tests to testing hundreds of thousands of pages while integrated into existing CI/CD processes. It’s simple to use, doesn’t require advanced accessibility knowledge and won’t waste your time with false positives.

Benefits of working with axe

Saves Time & Resources

Axe helps your web and mobile dev teams catch accessibility errors while coding, dramatically reducing the time and cost of manual accessibility testing down the line.

Fast and Flexible

Axe is lightweight and easy to incorporate into web and mobile development processes. Speedy capabilities allow for inclusion in automated test suites that run every time code is updated.

Learn While you Code.

Axe enables your developers to rapidly fix accessibility issues using built-in references and solution patterns to help them build their accessibility skills while they improve accessibility.

Get it Right the First Time.

Use intelligent next generation rules that have no false positives. Results that your developers can trust! Detect issues in more technologies than any competing framework.

DIY Accessibility Testing with the axe API

Build accessibility testing into your automated testing environment with our open source axe rules libraries. Available for…

Join the axe Community

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The axe team maintains active channels on Gitter and the A11y workspace on Slack.

Run your first accessibility test now

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axe Chrome extension

Analyze a page for accessibility defects in just a few minutes, directly in Chrome. Reference the “more info” help pages to find the fixes and guidance you need to correct them.

Install now

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axe for Android app

Analyze your Native and Hybrid Android application content for accessibility defects in just a few minutes, from your Android device. Review in-app demos to see example comparisons.

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