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Meet the organizations working with Deque to advance their digital accessibility practice.

Why Customers Choose Deque

We're partners.

We meet you where you are and build a pragmatic plan for advancement.

We're trusted.

Deque’s tactical and strategic accessibility expertise is unparalleled.

We're focused on sustainability.

Deque’s emphasis on shift-left accessibility is unique and critical for success.

Nice things people say about us

What I like most about working with Deque is their collaboration, professionalism, and perhaps most
importantly, their patience throughout every engagement. This is what keeps me coming back to Deque.”

Photo of Ian Lyons

Ian Lyons Software Engineer, Blend Labs

We love Deque! It’s been a phenomenal journey.
Our customers are extremely happy. We even won
a couple of deals because we had an accessibility-compliant product.”

Photo of Senthilnathan Shanmugam

Senthilnathan Shanmugam Senior Manager of Design at FreshService, Freshworks

More nice things people say

The tools and services Deque offers help us do our best work and provide our best to our customers and end-users.”

Photo of Shannon Landin

Shannon Landin Founder & CEO, Codecraft Works

Partnering with Deque specifically helps us in the fact that we now have access to learning tools–we came in clueless and Deque put us in the right direction.”

Photo of John Meister

John Meister Application Development Manager, Puritan Life

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