axe DevTools® Mobile - Accessibility Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Easy install. Start immediately. No SDK or code access required. Scan for mobile accessibility in minutes.

A browser and phone depicting the mobile dashboard and scanning experience of axe DevTools Mobile

Why use axe DevTools Mobile?

Get automated, consistent, and 100% secure testing results using accepted standards, including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), interpreted by real accessibility experts. Test apps built with any technology – native, Android, iOS, React Native or other cross-platform technologies.

More Automation, Less Work

The smartest automation means less manual work. Customizable rulesets, advanced AI, and machine learning streamline accurate testing with no false positives.

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Results You Can Trust

Stop wasting time with back and forth “cannot reproduce” issues between QA and dev teams. With 20+ years of experience, Deque keeps all our results relevant, reproducible, and real.

Remediation Advice & Code Samples

Solutions on call. No accessibility knowledge needed. Get detailed explanations with code you can actually use to remediate accessibility issues quickly.

Fits Your Workflow

Add reports and issue details to any ticketing system. Your mobile accessibility results include links you can share anywhere. Drill-down where needed.

Easy For Anyone To Use-Just Click & Run

Testers, product owners, and central accessibility leaders can initiate manual tests at any time with no source-code access. It tests apps built with any technology including:

  • Cross-platform technologies – React Native, Flutter, Xamarin (.NET MAUI), Ionic
  • Native iOS – Objective-C, Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI
  • Native Android – Kotlin, Java, XML, Jetpack Compose
The axe DevTools Mobile dashboard and a mobile phone that says

Save Time with Consistent Coverage

Our results match those provided by actual accessibility experts. We only detect violations that matter, and we provide the best React Native and Flutter testing available. We also fully support Webview and beyond with the axe DevTools Browser Extension.

Collaborate and Manage with Shareable Results

One roadmap for everyone. Your entire team gets a single dashboard with actionable results–across every platform and technology. Our reports provide clear annotation so testers actually learn about accessibility as they proceed. Our results are exportable, too.

Screenshot of the axe DevTools Mobile dashboard and a scan being exported.

Customizable Rulesets, Tags, and View Hierarchy

Narrow your testing scope and manage the process. Focus your efforts by ignoring specific rules by type or specific views. Write your own mobile accessibility rules to test. Tag scans and view code hierarchy so that teams see issues in context.

Screenshot of customizeable rulesets and the view hirearchy.

Powerful Automated Testing

Write once and test continuously. Run an automated test with a single line of code that you don’t need to change even when other parts of your UI test changes. Scan all or part of a view. Run automated mobile accessibility tests using any framework. Read more about our powerful integrations on our documentation site here and below.

Our expert support, service, tools, & training for digital accessibility are unsurpassed.

  • 900,000,000+ Downloads of axe-core
  • 100,000+ Trained in Accessibility
  • 5,000+ Completed Audit Projects

Pick your path

Rapidly test everything in your mobile universe for accessibility and get sharable, understandable, easily prioritized solutions. You can also get started with help from with the largest team of accessibility experts anywhere.

Picture of a mobile device with the Android axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer icon and text that says "Time to scan. Scan results will uatomatically be sent to your axe mobile dashboard."

Who is axe DevTools Mobile For?

  • Developers / Test Automation Engineers

    Quickly and easily run mobile accessibility tests on cross-platform or native apps. Catch as many actual defects as early as possible and easily fix them with no disruptions in your release cycle. Get macro-level insight into the accessibility of all mobile applications in a single view.

  • Accessibility / QA Testers

    Catch as many actual accessibility issues as early as possible and report back to the dev team with actionable information. Prioritize issues to be addressed. Validate that accessibility issues are fixed and keep the release cycle moving.

  • Central Accessibility Teams / Product Owners

    Enable dev and testing teams to include mobile accessibility testing smoothly into their current processes. Verify that our testing is accurate and produces high quality results. Show progress over time.

Developers / QA – Get the Documentation You Need Now!

If you’re looking for the facts on our products, look no further. We have all the details about how to use axe DevTools Mobile – and more.

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