Android Accessibility

Get the tools and expertise required for Android Applications.

Test Android Apps at the Speed of Mobile

Test any Android app for accessibility including those written in Java or Kotlin, views written in XML or Compose, and cross-platform apps such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic. It also enables advanced automation through Espresso, UIAutomator, and Appium on their own, and in Sauce Labs.

View the Android rules we cover:

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Android accessibility is a business issue

$2.4 trillion in annual retail sales comes from mobile devices. Within that, the disability community touches about $1.8 trillion. And that’s only eCommerce. What about financial, insurance, healthcare, business, and more—the list is endless. Accessibility matters—your business could depend on it.

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Why work with axe DevTools Mobile & Deque experts

Commitment to Mobile

We have a dedicated mobile development team and we invest more in mobile testing R&D than all other accessibility testing companies combined.

Comprehensive testing

Test Kotlin and Java supporting both XML and Compose. Use advanced automation with Espresso, Sauce Labs, and Appium, also including Kotlin and Java. Test apps built with React Native with Espresso.

No false alarms

Chasing fake issues is a massive waste of time and money. We return only errors with 100% certainty. If we return an error, you know it’s real.

Customized control

Our Accessibility Score, scan tagging and customizable ruleset ensure that no one wastes time and effort on irrelevant issues.

Support when you need it

We provide hands-on help to address immediate problems while helping your teams build skills for the future.

Who is axe DevTools Mobile for?

  • Android Developers

    Easily understand and pinpoint accessibility issues in the context of your existing mobile dev environment.

  • Accessibility Experts

    Collaborate more closely with your development team with a shared view of accessibility issues.

  • Test Engineers

    Seamlessly run mobile accessibility testing as part of your regular build tests.

  • Mobile Product Owners

    Get macro-level insight into the accessibility health of both iOS and Android applications in a single view.

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Developers / QA – Get the documentation you need now!

If you’re looking for the facts on our products, look no further. We have all the details about how to use axe DevTools Mobile – and more.

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