Accessibility Remediation

It’s safe to say that Accessibility Remediation is the most essential part of an accessibility project or program – it’s the part where you actually make things accessible! Getting help from our team of experts will ensure your accessibility fixes will meet your compliance requirements as quickly and effectively as possible.

    What is Accessibility Remediation?


    Developer time is extremely valuable and adding an extra sprint to a release can be very expensive. That’s when you need a Deque “Expert-in-Residence”. They’ll work closely with your team to ensure they’re learning and implementing the most effective accessibility fixes possible.

    When Do You Need Remediation Help?

    Early Accessibility Projects

    Accessibility knowledge takes a long time to develop, and most people need a few projects worth of experience before they get the hang of it. Our experts can help guide your team through the process and help them develop the expertise to stand on their own two feet.

    When You Just Need a Hint

    Even the most accessibility-savvy developers run into sticky issues. When you just need a second set of eyes or a little extra information, our team can be on call to offer that little nudge of support.

    Urgent Deadlines

    Sometimes you don’t have enough time to meet all your requirements. Expanding your resources with the help of the Deque team (and a few Amaze Overlays) can turn your “impossible” accessibility projects into successful accessibility projects.

    Mixing Your Media

    21st century web content goes way beyond HTML, and what about all the digital documents you share internally? Don’t overlook the content generated outside your dev team. We can help you make all that digital content accessible.