Tap into the immense power of inclusive design

Design with accessibility in mind and prevent 67% of potential issues impacting people with disabilities.

How can Deque help you with inclusive design?

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Build awareness & understanding

Use an Awareness Lab to expose leadership and practitioners alike to tools, perspectives and assistive technologies.


Choose the combination of self-paced or instructor-led training from experts with unmatched accolades.

Automated checks

Catch color contrast, touch target and heading issues in Figma with the click of a button.

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Design reviews

Get expert help reviewing the state of your wireframes to ensure Designers learn how to prevent sending issues into development.

Can your design system survive digital accessibility requirements?

Creating inclusive designs requires adherence to compliance standards and to ensure they are implemented properly, communicating accessible design requirements to development can be tricky.

Is maintaining an old brand guideline worth excluding and potentially even harming people with disabilities?

By evolving your existing design systems with automated tools, light training and minor process improvements, your designs will flourish amongst a wider audience and dev teams will preserve your accessible design intent.

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Establish sustainable inclusive design processes

Stop the most pervasive accessibility issues across the web by augmenting your design reviews to include a handful of additional checks – then automatically annotate your designs with accessibility guidance included to ensure a clean handoff to dev.

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Fuel Accessible UX with User Research

Nothing about us, without us” has been the call of the disability rights movement for decades and still rings true today. Incorporate invaluable feedback into your UX and CX by engaging directly with experts, assistive technology users and folks with diverse lived experiences.

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Bring Design teams the skill and joy that comes with accessibility training

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Enable designers to create the best experiences for your entire target audience, including people with disabilities.

The pride and confidence that comes from better understanding of all users and what it takes to serve them, pays back ten-fold in UX.

This plugin is the best thing to happen to Figma. It’s awesome! I’ve been using Axe for over 5 years now and it’s so great to be able to get even a fraction of that suite inside of Figma. Keep up the great work

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Bryce Watson Senior UX Designer, Yoke