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Digital accessibility? I don't
even know where to begin.

Deque Systems | Software, Training, and Consulting for Web Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

"It's Easy to be Smart After the Fact."Deque University

That defense doesn't work here. When it comes to website accessibility, knowledge is power. Get educated.

We offer training courses for every level of expertise and just about every aspect of digital accessibility, including special topics such as Mobile, PDF Accessibility and Flash® Accessibility. Training is available both online and in-person.

Do you have a disability? If so, you can access Deque University online classes for free!

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Common Website Accessibility Myths

Myth #1 - Accessible websites are ugly and boring.

Myth #1

"Accessible websites are ugly and boring."
Discover how beautiful accessible digital content can be.

Myth #3 - It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult.

Myth #3

"It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult."
Web accessibility can be achieved in less time than you'd expect.


Deque Blog

Sonarwhal nellie mascot appears to be in love with aXe logo

Microsoft selects Deque’s aXe for Sonarwhal Project

Earlier this year, Microsoft debuted their Sonarwhal project, dubbed a "linting tool for the web", which they donated to the JavaScript Foundation. As a community project, Sonarwhal encourages developers to test for accessibility early in the development process using Deque's axe-core library under the hood, in addition to rules for interoperability, security, and performance. We're thrilled to see our work leveraged in open source projects… Continue Reading Microsoft selects Deque’s aXe for Sonarwhal Project

Decorative firefox extension icons

Understanding Axe and Attest Extension compatibility with Firefox

If you're currently using our aXe Firefox extension, WorldSpace Attest extension for Firefox or FireEyes II, this message is for you. To ensure full functionality of these tools, this post intends to help you understand which extensions work best on specific versions of Firefox. To start, this shortcut guide maps the product version you might be using, with the compatible version of Firefox recommended for… Continue Reading Understanding Axe and Attest Extension compatibility with Firefox

Illustration of a book, persons with disabilities

Understanding WCAG 2.1: What to Expect

Here we are on a quest to answer the question "What is WCAG 2.1?" My intention is to address this in a few posts. You might find some added context in my first post about the history of WCAG.  As a contributor to W3C's Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, helping to craft the next version of WCAG 2.1. let's talk more here about what to expect… Continue Reading Understanding WCAG 2.1: What to Expect

Accessibility Stories

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Hear directly from the users about what it's like to be a technology user with a disability. You may be surprised by what you learn.

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Free On-Demand Webinar: Web Accessibility 101

Wondering where to begin with website accessibility?More Information Here about Free On-Demand Webinar: Web Accessibility 101

If you're one of the many people just trying to get a handle on the basics of web accessibility, this webinar is the right place to start.

More Information Here about Free On-Demand Webinar: Web Accessibility 101

Essential Guide to Digital Accessibility Infographic

New to digital accessibility?download essential guide to digital accessibility

Our infographic will shed some light on what digital accessibility is and why it's important, as well as how you can ensure accessibility for your digital content.

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Website Accessibility Checklist

Is your website accessible?download the website accessibility checklist

We've compiled a handy list of some of the most common website accessibility errors - take a few minutes to compare your website against our 10-point checklist.

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