Program Strategy & Consulting

Build and accelerate your plans for a mature, sustainable accessibility programs with the help of our experienced Principal Strategy Consultants. Apply the knowledge learned from the world's top accessibility programs to your own journey towards becoming a self-sufficient, accessible and inclusive organization.

Delivering with industry-proven experts

It helps to bring in an expert. Only a very few accessibility program offices in the world have achieved a sustainable and self-sufficient level of maturity while covering their critical digital assets. Your process of building this complex operation will benefit exponentially from Deque’s Principal Strategy Consultants; all of whom have achieved this milestone. Guidance from someone who has been in your position, worked through issues and mistakes, and will share all the knowledge necessary to ensure that you don’t go through those growth issues, is invaluable.

This team of Principal Strategy Consultants has a collective 58 years of experience, helping run and improve some of the world’s largest digital accessibility programs.

Nice things our customers say about us

“The Digital Accessibility Transformation Playbook really lays out what we need to do in the near future, and what the best options are on next steps. Having that clarity on what success looks like was a really big piece for our leadership team. It’s been super helpful to drive the business case for accessibility.”

Photo of Elizabeth Barker

Elizabeth Barker Research Accessibility Manager, NWEA