Emily Mathias

Principal Strategic Consultant

Emily Mathias is a Principal Strategic Consultant focused on helping organizations understand and execute the foundational elements necessary to create a sustainable, efficient, and successful accessibility initiative/program.  She joined Deque in August of 2019 and has helped dozens of organizations of all types and sizes create, execute, and mature accessibility practices and integrate accessibility in their culture, shared services, and software development lifecycle.

Prior to Deque, Emily’s accessibility journey started in the secondary education space, working at a large university coordinating and implementing accommodations for students with disabilities.  This hands-on, extensive learning about assistive technology, digital accessibility, and disability etiquette provided pivotal perspective into the need to weave accessibility into the fabric of every operation, practice, and application within an organization.

After shifting focus to the private sector to spend time enhancing project and program planning/coordination skills, she was able to merge her accessibility and program experience to help build and mature a robust and auspicious accessibility program at a large Fortune 40 company.  Although accessibility program development is her area of expertise, she also has extensive experience in assisting organizations in accessibility policy, statements, and procurement/sourcing strategies.

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