axe Auditor
(formerly WorldSpace Assure)

Automated and manual testing for accessibility teams in a single testing and reporting tool. Test efficiently and accurately, relying on the most trusted accessibility engine in the world.

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How axe Auditor Works


Axe Auditor is a step-by-step manual accessibility testing and reporting tool that enable functional testers with minimal accessibility knowledge to create precise, comprehensive and consistent accessibility issue reports for developers.

Where does axe Auditor (formerly WorldSpace Assure) fit into the Development Cycle?

Axe Auditor helps you monitor and maintain accessibility compliance in dev and testing environments.

  • Development

    WorldSpace Assure

    With WorldSpace Assure’s consistent results, you can be confident in your Accessibility team’s testing process.

  • Testing

    WorldSpace Assure

    With WorldSpace Assure’s consistent results, you can be confident in your Accessibility team’s testing process.

  • Release

    WorldSpace Assure is ideally used before release
  • Production

    WorldSpace Assure is ideally used before production

Benefits of working with axe Auditor

Increased Accessibility Testing Capacity

The combination of manual testing, along with automated testing run from the same interface offers the best of both worlds. Automatically detect simple issues and free up expert testing time for manual tests.

Meet 100% of WCAG Success Criteria

Axe Auditor is built on the Deque Way, the gold-standard of accessibility libraries, enabling accessibility testing without missing a single requirement.

Consistent Issue Descriptions (Faster Issue Resolution By Developers)

Provide developers with clear direction on what accessibility issues need to be remediated, saving time and money by eliminating confusion.

Manage Scope of Testing and Tracking Results

Axe Auditor allows you to specify what rules are relevant to the content under test, and collect all test reports in a single location for reports and exporting.

Who is axe Auditor For?

  • Functional QA Testers

    Axe Auditor enables QA Testers with minimal accessibility expertise, and tasked with testing for accessibility, to reliably and comprehensively test web applications for compliance to WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 Level A, AA, Trusted Tester and ACAA.

  • Accessibility Experts

    Axe Auditor enables Accessibility Experts to spend less time explaining accessibility standards to the QA team, to track testing status of the entire organization and provide management reports, and also, to improve the efficiency of their own testing of web applications.

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Why Use Deque Tools?

  • End-to-end Accessibility

  • Maintain Development Velocity

  • Enterprise Secure

Deque tools and services are used in the world’s most secure government and enterprise organizations. Built by developers, for developers, Deque tools are designed to minimize the impact on your development efforts and fit across the entire dev lifecycle for full accessibility coverage.