Deque is filled with incredibly smart, talented, and interesting people. But what makes Deque special, is how deeply everyone here cares about digital equality and helping persons with disabilities use the web. At the heart of it all people matter, and that is why we do what we do.

What's it like to work at Deque?

Getting paid to do what you love is something a lot of employers can offer. Getting paid to do what you love, doing something that makes an immeasurable difference in someone’s life is much harder to come by. This is what working at Deque offers.

Deque is the leader in Digital Accessibility. If you’re not familiar, Digital Accessibility is the practice of making digital documents, web and mobile apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Many people with visual, auditory, motor, speech or cognitive disabilities rely on various forms of assistive technology or usability features to experience the full benefit the web has to offer. The Tools, Services and Training we offer, help our clients build, test and maintain accessible experiences.

Join us to experience a new kind of career fulfillment as we grow this important, impactful cause.

Venn diagram showing intersections of 'What you are good at,' 'What the world needs,' 'What you are paid for,' and 'What you love,' highlighting Passion, Mission, Profession, and Vocation.

What makes Deque different?

Our Excellent Company Culture

Office outings, flat management structure, respected core values and a common, altruistic goal, make Deque Systems an excellent place to work. Join us to take part in the start-up culture while enjoying the benefits of a stable and growing 20-year-old business.

The Deque Core Values

These aren’t cheesy values we plaster on the walls of the office. Everyone who works at Deque takes these to heart, ensuring they are reflected in our work every day.

  1. Innovation with results that matter
  2. Deliver what you promise
  3. Can-do attitude
  4. Open, direct & respectful communications
  5. We care deeply
  6. We practice humility

Fun at work

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Deque CEO, Preety, on stage at an event

Fun off work

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Fun remote work

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