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Accessibility training is an essential part of becoming accessible and staying accessible. We’ve got courses for beginners and experts, teams and individuals, developers, designers, content creators, and everything in between.

Digital Accessibility Training Paths

3 plans available

Online self-paced training

  • Includes: Exam preparation for IAAP CPACC
  • Includes: Web accessibility "deep dive" plus CPACC & WAS prep
  • Includes: Full access to everything

Dedicated team training

Instructor-led training

  • Includes: Choose the training topic that best suits your teams:
  • Includes: Fundamentals, role-based & other topics of choice
  • Includes: Immersive, full-day trainings with dedicated experts

Need accessibility training for your organization?

We offer a flexible online curriculum and virtual instructor-led bootcamps to address accessibility issues within your business, school, or government organization. Talk to one of our experts and design a custom training program that fits the needs of your team.

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Accessibility Training that makes an impact

Learning on Your Terms

Build a training plan that fits your needs, challenges, and timeline.

Role-Based Curriculum

Learn the skills that are most relevant to you and your team.


Deque is an IAAP approved certification preparation provider.

Since starting our course on usability heuristics for design, our team has gained knowledge and confidence on the breadth of accessibility when designing for web and mobile. More importantly, we gained inspiration on how we can advocate for users by being well-versed in accessibility for digital. Within 30 minutes into our first session, I knew the folks participating were engaged and that we’d want to continue working with Deque down the road.

Photo of Julia Swenson

Julia Swenson Partner & VP, Design, WillowTree

Why do training with Deque?

Most Certified Practicing Experts

Deque employees hold more certifications than any accessibility testing company in the world. 15 Deque Employees work in W3C Accessibility working groups who actively shape the future of digital accessibility testing and standards.

Accessibility certification exam prep

Deque University is the de facto standard in IAAP exam preparation coursework. Prepare for your accessibility certification exams– such as CPACC, WAS & CPWA– in a self-paced, accessible learning environment.

Trusted by thousands of learners

Join 140,000+ subscribers on Deque University and explore world-class web accessibility training courses. Hone your accessibility expertise with curriculum on Web accessibility, Document accessibility, Native Mobile accessibility, and more.

How does training on Deque University work?

The courses are organized by learning tracks. You can also click on each individual course link to see the technical level (easy, intermediate, or advanced), as well as a list of topics covered. If you’re unsure and would like guidance based on your specific role and goals, please reach out to [email protected] and we’d love to help!

Please contact us. You can let us know a few details if you are able, such as what courses you are interested in and how many people you plan to enroll (if you know), and we’ll put you in touch with the right person. If you’re not sure what training you need, don’t worry – we can help you find the right fit for your team.

They vary in length. Most courses are around 1-2 hours long. Several classes are short (20 to 30 minutes), and several classes are long (5 to 6 hours). Click on each individual course page to see the estimated time.

The classes are all self-paced and online. After you purchase your subscription, your credentials will be emailed to you with instructions on resetting your password. Look out for an email from [email protected] and be sure to check all of your folders (inbox, junk, promotions, etc.) When you log in, use the dropdown menu to select My Courses, and you can click on the course you’d like and begin.

Subscriptions are valid for one year from date of purchase. During that time, you will receive automatic access to any updates that are released.

Yes! We are committed to reducing barriers for people with disabilities in education and in the workplace. If you have a disability, you qualify for free access to the full curriculum of all courses that we offer. You can apply here.

I found the modules in the Accessibility for Designers curriculum package incredibly digestible. If at any point I was confused, there would be a helpful example just below, and I would have a firmer grasp on the subject. The courses also provided ‘cheat sheets’ for accessibility, so you can get quick answers to a lot of day-to-day questions and share them with your team. I would really recommend the courses to anyone who wants to make accessibility an integral part of their process.

Photo of Maya Stucky

Maya Stucky Associate Product Designer, WELL Health

Deque University Scholarships

If you have a disability, you’re eligible for a year of free access to our Deque University online course curriculum.

Digital Accessibility expertise is in demand, and people with disabilities have a lot to offer in this field. You live the experience. Deque University can help you develop the technical skills to be an accessibility professional.

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“Deque is the most accessible training environment I’ve ever seen. You guys have done it right.”

Asima Leone Digital Accessibility Advisor, ANZ