We’re advancing digital accessibility for our customers with human-centered AI

Our continuous machine learning models are fed the largest and most accurate training data in the industry - resulting in the smartest assistance possible.

Why trust Deque AI?


We take our “no false positives” mantra seriously.


Deque’s integrations and combined approach of automated and semi-automated testing does the most good in the least amount of time.


We publish our accessibility testing coverage data for the world to see.

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Our training model and our semi-automated testing process puts people first.

Deque has the largest, most dynamic, and most reliable training data in the accessibility field

We’ve poured the experience of billions of observations, decades of leading-edge expertise and uncompromising vision into advancing digital accessibility testing through the use of human-centered AI.

The undisputed leader in automation

Axe DevTools catches 80%+ of all accessibility issues using automated and semi-automated tests.

The Semi-automated accessibility testing coverage report

Enhancing human decision-making, not replacing it.

Our Semi-automated Intelligent Guided Tests enable dev & testing teams to catch more accessibility issues with no expertise required.

We were thrilled to partner with Deque around the mission of making the digital world more accessible for all. This is an important initiative, and Deque’s application of Labelbox as a core part of their data engines is quite mature and impressive. Our goal was to empower them to translate tedious — albeit extremely important — manual processes into automated practices that save time and effort. It was a pleasure to combine our technologies to reinforce Deque’s reputation as an industry leader and enhance abilities around speed and accuracy.

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Manu Sharma CEO, Labelbox

Axe Accessibility Testing Tools are the Best on the Planet

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