Accessibility Awareness Lab

Help your team understand how people with disabilities experience and use technology.

Build Understanding with an Accessibility Awareness Lab

How do people with disabilities use computers or navigate websites? What tools do they use? How does it work? What is it like? It can be hard to comprehend how something like a smartphone could ever be used by someone who is blind or who doesn’t have the use of their arms, for example. The Awareness Lab is a way to help people understand and experience alternative ways of interacting with technology and other environments through hands-on access to different tools and assistive technologies.

If you are interested in spreading accessibility awareness and helping your colleagues reach a deeper understanding of how people with disabilities use technology and how they are impacted by inaccessible technology, talk to us about scheduling an Awareness Lab for your team.

How the Awareness Lab Works

  • Our Awareness Lab is an onsite, interactive learning experience led by Deque Experts.
  • Attendees will make their way through multiple stations, each representing a specific type of disability or assistive technology.
  • Your team will get to observe or interact with a wide variety of assistive technologies to learn how these technologies function and experience innovative accessibility solutions.
  • They will also get a chance to speak with people with disabilities and learn more about accessibility needs from the people who have to negotiate these challenges as part of their daily life.

Through the Accessibility Awareness Lab, your team will not only develop insight into the experiences of users with disabilities but will also be inspired to think about their work in new, more accessible ways.

Jumpstart accessibility at your organization!

The Accessibility Awareness Lab is a great way to get your team motivated to start working on accessibility. Talk to a Deque team member today to get an Awareness Lab scheduled today.

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The Awareness Lab in Action

Our Accessibility Awareness Lab has made a difference for many organizations. Learn more about their experiences and catch a glimpse of a live Awareness Lab in one of our testimonials.

“Anyone can come in and engage with the Awareness Lab and see from layman’s or basic perspective and see first hand what accessibility looks like.” – Aretha Johnson, Accessibility Customer Experience – Voice of the Customer at Verizon Wireless

“I totally get why accessibility is important now. I’m going to go back to my desk and dig out those 3 accessibility tickets I’ve been pushing aside and fix them right away.” – A participant of the Verizon Awareness Lab