Digital Accessibility Services:
Practical, strategic support & sustainable results.

With top experts and a proven methodology, we're prepared to help you establish your accessibility efforts and grow them to new heights.

Why choose Deque expertise?

We’re certified experts

Deque experts hold a collective 125 IAAP digital accessibility certifications.

Our results are trusted

Our tools and processes have been honed for 20+ years and built upon a no-false positives mantra, ensuring every issue is worth your valuable time.

Our results are easy to act on

Not everyone has WCAG experts on staff. Our issue descriptions guide your teams through remediation with ease.

Take the ambiguity out of accessibility testing and compliance

With so many technologies and changing guidelines, creating and maintaining your own accessibility programs is complex.

You face significant challenges as you build digital accessibility into your websites, mobile applications, digital assets, and processes.

  • Where should I start?
  • What do I need to prioritize?
  • What’s the best way to reduce risk and lower costs?
  • How does accessibility support my growth?

Get expert services and support at every step

Build the foundation

Expertise, audits and more to start you off on solid ground.

Accelerate progress

Technical and strategic support to shorten your journey.

Maximize impact

Knowledge to build and maintain a successful, sustainable program.

Brilliant minds building trust in services

Meet some of the experts powering Deque’s digital accessibility services. In combination with their many expert colleagues, they hold 125 CPACC, WAS, & CPWA certifications issued by the IAAP. More than any accessibility testing company in the world.

Nice things our customers say about us

A lot of our business partners are excited about the transparency a VPAT offers. It’s often one of the first questions we get asked about our products. But we get the best response when we tell people that we have Deque as an ongoing advisor and a company in our corner so that we can maintain accessibility as an ongoing practice, evolving and making it better.”

Jason M. Manager of Creative Services, Proofpoint

The process that we went through with Deque was very well understood and clearly laid out. From the very first person I talked to, all the way through the delivery of the remediation report, as well as the tools that we were able to use to get the job done– it was all there.”

Photo of Shannon Landin

Shannon Landin Founder & CEO, Codecraft Works

Build Understanding with an Accessibility Awareness Lab

Our Accessibility Awareness Labs are an interactive learning experience lead by Deque Experts. Your team will be given a chance to try out different assistive technologies and learn more about the needs of users with disabilities and the challenges they face on the web.

A human head is outlined with a lightbulb and gears inside it to symbolize learning.