Matthew Luken

VP & Principal Strategy Consultant

For the four years prior to Deque, Matthew built out U.S. Bank’s enterprise-level Digital Accessibility program. He grew the team from two contractor positions to an overall team of ~75 consultants and leaders providing accessibility design reviews, automated / manual / compliance testing services, defect remediation consultation, and documentation / creation of best practices. In this program there were 1,500+ implementations of Axe Auditor and almost 4,000 implementations of Deque University and Axe DevTools. Also, Matthew was Head of UXDesign’s Accessibility Center of Practice where he was responsible for creating seamless procedures and processes that support the digital accessibility team’s mission & objectives while dovetailing into the company’s other Center of Practices like DEI, employee-facing services, Risk & Compliance, etc. He and his team’s work has been recognized by American Banker, Forrester, Business Journal, and The Banker.  Watch Matthew talking about the program at Deque’s 2021 axe-con in A Year in Review: Accessibility Success at U.S. Bank.

In his user experience background, Matthew has worked with over 275 brands around the world covering every vertical and category. He continues to teach User Experience, Service Design and Digital Accessibility at the college-level, as well as mentor new digital designers through several different mentorship programs around the USA.

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