Why choose the axe-core® standard?

Powering axe Tools, Google Lighthouse, our competition’s tools and thousands more around the world, axe-core is one of the most important elements of web accessibility testing ever invented.

Why trust axe-core?


Axe-core ends the debate over WCAG testing automation with 4,500+ contributions from Deque & other experts around the world.

No false positives

The axe manifesto ensures accuracy in your test results.

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No expertise required

Automated accessibility testing alongside regular functional testing with no WCAG expertise needed.

What good is finding more issues in your automated tests if they are wrong?

Axe-core can automatically detect more issues by volume than any other tool – without producing false positives. Wasting time on inaccurate results kills momentum and erodes trust.

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Numbers don't lie

  • 1 Billion+ Downloads of axe-core
  • 950+ Tools that run axe-core
  • 4,500+ Contributions to axe-core

Maintaining digital accessibility compliance at scale is difficult.

Rely on automation to catch the common issues, leaving the tricky stuff for the experts. The efficiency of this balanced automated + manual approach is the secret to achieving large scale accessibility.

Where can you rely on the axe-core standard?

Use any or all of the axe tools from Deque.

  • Axe DevTools: Prevent web & mobile issues

  • Axe Auditor: Full coverage manual audits

  • Axe Monitor: Sitewide scanning & reporting

Where else can you rely on axe-core?

DIY Accessibility Testing with the axe-core API

Which laws & standards does axe-core support?

Axe-core has different types of rules, for WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 on level A, AA and AAA as well as a number of best practices that help you identify common accessibility practices.

This means that axe-core powered tools can help support conformance for the various global laws and guidelines that rely on WCAG like Section 508, EN 301 549, Americans with Disabilities Act and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Release Impact documentation.

Yep, it’s free and open-source.

Axe-core is the automated testing rules library that powers other axe tools like axe DevTools, axe Auditor and axe Monitor.