iOS Accessibility

Get the tools and expertise needed to ensure digital accessibility for your Native iOS Applications.

Choose your path to Native iOS app accessibility

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Practicing accessibility for iOS apps is not like practicing accessibility for HTML. Choosing Deque expert services or axe DevTools for Mobile will save countless hours of missteps that hundreds of organizations are making today. By taking this unique approach to testing your iOS apps, you’ll be building better experiences for everyone, that takes into account the fast-changing iOS application environment.

Deque experts can perform a full audit to help ensure Compliance or sit alongside internal teams as embedded support. Dev teams can also scale up accessibility testing efforts with the use of the axe DevTools Mobile offering.

Benefits of working with Deque Experts & axe DevTools Mobile

Deep Understanding of Native iOS Accessibility

Lower your legal risk by investing in an Audit that truly understands the differences between web and mobile compliance. Your users will notice the difference.

CI/CD Integration

Call our rules in your automated UI Tests in your Continuous Integration environment or use our Accessibility API to test your Application interactively.

Save Time with Advanced Accessibility Tools

Utilize accessibility development tools to explore how VoiceOver, VoiceControl and other assistive technologies interact with your app. Then organize and share scan results with your team.

Built for WCAG 2.1 Conformance

Rules built by accessibility experts for iOS developers. Our rules engine goes deeper than “linting Accessibility APIs” and finds real usability and accessibility issues that deeply impact users with disabilities.

Increased Flexibility

Run accessibility tests against Simulators and/or Devices, whichever you prefer.

Who is axe DevTools Mobile for?

  • iOS and Android Developers

    Axe DevTools Mobile enables Developers to test in existing dev environments without requiring advanced knowledge of accessibility or legal guidelines.

  • Accessibility Experts

    Axe DevTools Mobile enables collaboration by offering Accessibility Experts a simplified code hierarchy view, drawing attention to the accessibility issues, without the overly technical development details.

  • Test Engineers

    Axe DevTools Mobile allows Test Engineers to add accessibility testing to already existing automated UI test environments.

  • Management

    Axe DevTools Mobile provides macro-level insight into the accessibility health of both iOS and Android applications in a single view.

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