Abin Choudhury

VP - Operations, APAC

Abin is the VP of Operations at Deque Systems (APAC). He has completed his CFO program from IIM, Calcutta, and his MBA (Marketing) from MIT, Pune. Abin has over 18+ years of experience in Consultative Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and IT Operations, being a startup founder with solid entrepreneurial expertise to foster revenue growth, scale teams, and nurture organizational culture.

Abin believes in a journey of continuous learning, intellectual curiosity, strong customer empathy, consultative selling, and ongoing professional relationships. He defines turnaround strategies to drive significant revenue growth, building a strong sales team with corporate vision and operational integrity. His expertise lies in leading sales development efforts, servant leadership, active strategies, and improvement initiatives to achieve defined goals and setting up the go-to-market plan. Through his experience, he is adept at overseeing various operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal business performance and significant revenue enhancements.

In addition, he enjoys traveling (Driving by road for hours), writing blogs, exploring spiritual concepts, thinking of new ideas, learning about various entrepreneurs’ success stories, and constantly thinking about the subsequent ideas to solve more real-world problems.

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