Ryan Bateman

Marketing Lead

Ryan runs Marketing at Deque. He’s worked in the telecommunications and performance monitoring industries for over ten years and cares deeply about improving the web for everyone.

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Movie credits thanking Laura Goslin, Grace Kirkley, Liz Moore, Brandy Shippey, Melanie Philipp, Glenda Sims, Sathish Kumar, Neeraj Chouksey, Sam Jeong, Josh McClure, Reena Bharti, Travis Marasca, Katie Olson, David Dauber, Lianne Chan, Noah Mashni, Aparna Pasi, Traci Stevenson, Ali Kawsan and Naveesha Maharaj.

Behind the scenes of axe-con: building a large, accessible conference.

Axe-con was a huge success this year. Let's explore what it takes to build a large, accessible conference by reviewing some lessons we learned.
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