WorldSpace Comply

Accessibility Monitoring and Reporting.

Perform enterprise-level accessibility audits and meet your compliance needs with advanced reporting, monitoring, and management of accessibility issues against industry standards or customized guidelines.

Screenshot of WorldSpace Comply highlighting Common and Automated issues found.

How WorldSpace Comply Works


WorldSpace Comply helps ensure your large website becomes accessible and remains accessible. Dynamically scan, monitor and report on the accessibility status of your site across business and development teams.


Where does WorldSpace Comply fit into the Development Cycle?

WorldSpace Comply helps you monitor and maintain accessibility compliance in production environments.

  • Development

    WorldSpace Comply is typically used after Development
  • Testing

    WorldSpace Comply is typically used after Testing
  • Release

    Use WorldSpace Attest and Assure before Release and WorldSpace Comply and Amaze after

    WorldSpace Comply

    Use Comply in production for automated regression testing.

  • Production

    WorldSpace Comply

    Use Comply in production for automated regression testing.

Benefits of working with WorldSpace Comply

Easy Accessibility Auditing

Properly auditing the accessibility of complex websites is a major challenge. WorldSpace Comply provides advanced automated auditing that catalogs your entire website.

Continuous Reporting

You need to show improvement as your site is updated. WorldSpace Comply’s reports demonstrate accessibility changes over time, at any level of detail.

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Consistency and Control

WorldSpace Comply lets you set consistent standards across multiple projects so that auditing and reporting are always consistent.

Enterprise Ready

WorldSpace Comply can audit the largest websites–static, dynamic, and mobile-friendly —and delivers reports through several mechanisms such as web dashboards, exported data, and read-only reports.

Who is WorldSpace Comply For?

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Capture detailed accessibility issues at scale by using Comply to automatically scan large and complex web applications.

  • Accessibility Managers

    Track accessibility conformance over time using Comply Reporting.

Illustration of a subject matter expert and accessibility manager working together.

Why Use Deque Tools?

  • End-to-end Accessibility

  • Maintain Development Velocity

  • Enterprise Secure

Deque tools and services are used in the world’s most secure government and enterprise organizations. Built by developers, for developers, Deque tools are designed to minimize the impact on your development efforts and fit across the entire dev lifecycle for full accessibility coverage.