WorldSpace Insights

Accessibility analytics for your changing accessibility and compliance needs.

How WorldSpace Insights Works



WorldSpace Insights allows you to specify rules about which pages to analyze, how often to analyze them, what devices, locales, languages and other user demographics to use when performing an analysis. It analyzes accessibility from the perspective of your users and aggregates this information centrally so you can view  reports anytime you wish.


Benefits of working with WorldSpace Insights

Continuous Reporting

You need to show improvement as your site is updated. WorldSpace Insights demonstrates accessibility changes over time, at any level of detail.

Low Maintenance

Your development and content teams are constantly changing your site. Insights works regardless of the changes additions and deletions being made.


Insights works with all HTML-based technologies – even ones your development teams are not yet using.

Who is WorldSpace Insights For?

  • Accessibility Managers

    Track accessibility conformance over time using Insights.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Capture detailed accessibility issues at scale by using Insights to automatically report on and rank your traffic and risk.

Illustration of a Compliance Officer and Business Owner discussing accessibility at their desks.

Why Use Deque Tools?

  • End-to-end Accessibility

  • Maintain Development Velocity

  • Enterprise Secure

Deque tools and services are used in the world’s most secure government and enterprise organizations. Built by developers, for developers, Deque tools are designed to minimize the impact on your development efforts and fit across the entire dev lifecycle for full accessibility coverage.