WorldSpace Attest

Enable dev teams to follow through on your audit results, and to catch 50% of accessibility issues while they code.

Integrate accessibility testing into your existing automated testing process with WorldSpace Attest.

How WorldSpace Attest Works

Multiple screenshots of WorldSpace Attest tools, including mobile, CLI and the extension.


WorldSpace Attest is a toolkit for running accessibility tests while you code. Paired with first-time manual audit results, or in mature accessibility programs, use Attest to find and fix individual accessibility defects. Attest integrates into your existing testing framework(s) so your team doesn’t have to worry about working with a new platform. Accessibility issues will simply become part of functional testing and reporting.

Where does WorldSpace Attest fit into the Development Cycle?

WorldSpace Attest helps you shift left by equipping your development teams to run accessibility tests while they create new code and components. WorldSpace Attest incorporates accessibility testing into common functional testing tools saving time, money, and frustration.

  • Development

    WorldSpace Attest

    WorldSpace Attest incorporates automated accessibility testing into the development and implementation phase of your web and native mobile development processes.

  • Testing

    Use WorldSpace Assure in Testing and part of Development
  • Release

    Use WorldSpace Attest and Assure before Release and WorldSpace Comply and Amaze after
  • Production

    Use WorldSpace Comply and Amaze in Production

Benefits of working with WorldSpace Attest

Saves Time & Resources

Attest helps your web and mobile dev teams catch accessibility errors while coding, dramatically reducing the time and cost of manual accessibility testing down the line.

Get it Right the First Time

Use intelligent next generation rules and avoid false positives. Detect issues in cross-domain iframes, and only tests for content types that are actually on the page being tested.

Customized Solutions

Run custom rules, custom policy settings, and custom integrations with whatever testing frameworks your team uses today.

Secure High-Performance API

Attest has no external dependencies and runs without accessing and sending data to a server keeping your tests contained in a safe environment without affecting performance.

Take Action on Audits

Attest browser extension users are far more likely to follow through on Manual accessibility audit reports. Developers can test and validate their efforts as they work through audit reports.

Fast and Flexible

Attest is lightweight and easy to incorporate into web and mobile development processes. Speedy capabilities allow for inclusion in automated test suites that run every time code is updated.

Who is WorldSpace Attest For?

  • Front-End Web Developers

    Attest includes an extension for in-browser testing to help developers understand and pinpoint accessibility issues in the context of a fully rendered page.

  • iOS and Android Developers

    Attest is available for both iOS and Android development environments.

  • Designers

    Attest enables designers to pass inclusive design principles easily across design and development teams.

  • Test Engineers

    Attest integrates with all modern integration testing frameworks so accessibility testing can run as part of your regular build tests.

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Accessibility Solutions for Your Environment of Choice

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Why Use Deque Tools?

  • End-to-end Accessibility

  • Maintain Development Velocity

  • Enterprise Secure

Deque tools and services are used in the world’s most secure government and enterprise organizations. Built by developers, for developers, Deque tools are designed to minimize the impact on your development efforts and fit across the entire dev lifecycle for full accessibility coverage.