axe DevTools® for Web The ultimate web accessibility testing toolkit

Find and fix issues at scale using your team's existing tools and processes. Unparalleled automation tools built on the most trusted accessibility testing library enhanced with AI.

Illustration of lines of code: Shift left: Test in your environment of choice, Shift left: Test while coding, Shift left: Test interactively in your browser.

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Axe DevTools enables dev teams to shift left with accessibility, catch 80% or more of issues while they are cheapest to fix, and reduce risk.

Test while coding

Analyze your static code as you type and get instant feedback on accessibility issues (like a spell checker for accessibility!)

  • Run pre-commit hooks to ensure that issues are caught before they are pushed to your repo.
  • Run checks from inside your favorite editor.

Test interactively in your browser

Focus on the issues that matter to you by scanning a full or partial page for accessibility.

Intelligent Guided Testing gives your team superpowers. AI-powered tests do the heavy lifting so your team can find more issues, faster.

Test in your pull requests

Using CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions, you can codify your accessibility policy and ensure that every pull request is checked for accessibility issues.

Easily add accessibility checks to your end-to-end tests–a single, one-time change to your config file.

Increase velocity and value across your entire SDLC

Axe DevTools for Web is our complete toolkit including the browser extension, Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs), linting, APIs, and tools to easily add accessibility to your existing end-to-end tests.

Trusted by the accessibility and dev community

  • 1 Billion+ axe-core downloads
  • 875,000+ Installed extensions
  • 100,000+ Trained in accessibility

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axe DevTools Extension

Interactive browser testing–find issues and learn how to fix them.

  • Includes: Automated and AI-powered guided tests save you time
  • Includes: Export, save, and share results with one click
  • Includes: Eliminate the noise–only focus on the component you are working on

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axe DevTools Linter

Static code analysis stops bugs immediately.

  • Includes: Get instant feedback working in your IDE
  • Includes: Block inaccessible code in GitHub pull requests
  • Includes: Pre-commit hooks stop bugs before you share them with the team

Free 14-day trial
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axe Developer Hub

Integrate accessibility into your existing end-to-end tests easily.

  • Includes: Know if a pull request makes accessibility better or worse
  • Includes: Use GitHub actions to automatically stop the release of inaccessible code
  • Includes: Integrate automated testing with your existing platform

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Who is axe DevTools for?

Web developers

No accessibility expertise required. Anyone on the development team can understand and pinpoint accessibility issues in the context of a fully rendered page.

QA/Automation test engineers

Seamlessly run accessibility testing as part of your regular build tests.


Development leaders

Save time, money, and rework by incorporating seamless and consistent standards, rules, and testing across your organization.

Developers / QA – Get the documentation you need now!

If you’re looking for the facts on our products, look no further. We have all the details about how to use axe DevTools Mobile – and more.

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