Digital Accessibility for a 21st Century Government

    The Internet and information technology have transformed the way government organizations communicate and engage with their constituents, their employees, and with other government organizations. For people with disabilities, digital access to government services and information can be life-changing, but how does your organization ensure that those citizens can actually access your website, services, and applications?

    Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act went into effect in 2001, specifying accessibility requirements for electronic and information technology; and, since then, compliance with Section 508 has been one of the most challenging and misunderstood federal mandates. The good news is digital accessibility has come a long way since 2001: accessibility guidelines and best practices have evolved and gained clarity, and accessibility tools have finally caught up with the needs of sophisticated, 21st century development processes. And whether an agency’s digital presence is handled internally or with the help of private contractors, Deque has the solutions your team needs to ensure 508 compliance and equal access to all users.

    Expert Services, Innovative Software, and Versatile Training

    Deque has over 15 years of experience helping federal and state government agencies achieve 508 compliance. Our goal is to provide flexible, innovative, and cost-effective accessibility solutions for every government web development environment.

    • Services – Deque services are delivered by our highly-regarded team of Subject Matter Experts. Our methods are built on unparalleled expertise and providing consistent, meticulous work that is specific to your agency’s goals and resources. Our service offerings include:
      • Detailed Accessibility Assessment
      • Validation
      • VPAT
      • Developer Assistance
      • Mobile Assessment
      • And many more…
    • Software – Automation is an essential part of a modern digital government development environment. Deque’s software tools were built to address real challenges faced by our clients on the path to accessibility and to fit into real software development processes.
      • WorldSpace Attest: Integrate accessibility into your regular build test automation. Includes a browser extension so your team can test for accessibility as they code.
      • WorldSpace Assure: Guided manual testing to help you incorporate and standardize accessibility as part of your existing QA and user testing processes.
      • WorldSpace Comply: Automated accessibility testing, monitoring, and reporting to help ensure your live web content and applications stay accessible.
      • Amaze: Amaze is our groundbreaking solution for inaccessible third-party content and accessibility issues that need to be fixed immediately. It’s fast, secure, and works through accessibility overlays that can be implemented without ever touching the source code.
    • Training – Develop your entire team’s accessibility expertise with Deque University. We offer customized, instructor-lead training, workshops, and bootcamps as well as a variety of self-paced online courses on a variety of subjects including:
      • HTML and CSS Accessibility
      • ARIA and JavaScript Accessibility
      • Mobile Accessibility

      As well as training in accessibility testing and Deque products.