One fish jumping away from group into a new bowl with an accessibility icon in it (part 1)

Change Management for Accessibility: Part 1

Practicing accessibility, in the proper manner is about embedding it into your organization’s development lifecycle, so it is not a reactive and costly fix for the team. For this reason, change management principles and practices are great ways to help implement accessibility successfully.
Screenshots of the new color contrast analyzer tool in the axe DevTools extension showing (1) the tool has found color contrast issues that need further review, (2) the tool using machine learning to see if any issues can be resolved automatically, and (3) the results: some issues were resolved, some were move to automatic issues, and some still need to be manually reviewed.

Axe DevTools Extension Update: New Color Contrast Analyzer

With this release, Pro users can now leverage the power of our machine learning algorithms to determine if any “needs review” color contrast issues are, in fact, are issues or not.
Illustration from left to right, depicting an old fashioned type writer and rotary phone, then a laptop with a smartphone, following a digital display of futuristic computer windows and keyboard.

GAAD 2022: Disability to Ability– how digital inclusion is transforming what it means to live in the 21st Century

In light of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Patrick Sturdivant, VP and Principal Strategy Consultant at Deque, reflects on the past 50 years of technological innovation and its contributions to the field of accessibility.