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How Deque University is Changing Lives

A few months back Deque University began offering scholarships to people with disabilities. We now have over 670 recipients who are benefiting from our digital courses on web accessibility. Here is the story of Alex Fatum, one of those scholarship recipients. We’ll be sharing more stories like Alex’s in the future.

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A11y Hacks for the Blind: Navigating GitHub & the W3C

Birkir Gunnarsson is a former Senior Subject Matter Expert for Deque. Recently, he helped form BATS (Blind Accessibility Testers Society), which is dedicated to helping blind web users working in the field of accessibility. This post is a recap of Birkir’s contributions to BATS, where he details how to use GitHub with a screenreader and participate in conference calls for the W3C.

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A side by side view of the Android Accessibility analysis service running on an emulator, showing errors and warnings highlighting various elements on one side, and detailed descriptions of these errors in a browser window on the other.

Why the Android Analyzer is Paving the Way for App Accessibility

Learn about the newest cool tool from Deque: The Android Analyzer, which will help developers create accessible Android apps with the integration of accessibility testing into their development workflow. The Analyzer’s rules have been developed in accordance with emerging WCAG mobile standards. Best of all, it’s built for both manual and automated testing and can be specified to meet developers needs.

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Introducing aXe 2.0!

It’s here! We’re excited to announce the launch of aXe 2.0, an updated version of our open source accessibility testing engine! We’ve made improvements to many rules and checks, introduced a plugin system, added configuration options, and enhanced our project’s infrastructure. Read this post by Marcy Sutton, Deque’s a11y evangelist and senior front-end developer to learn more about why the latest version of aXe is better than ever, and how you can get involved.

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