Axe DevTools browser extension welcome screen displaying "Start and Intelligent Guided Test" with a "New" banner on the Table IGT that's now next to existing Keyboard and Modal Dialog IGTs.

Axe DevTools Extension Update: New Intelligent Guided Test for Data Tables

Validating the accessibility of HTML data tables is complex and time consuming. To simplify this process, we introduced a new Table Intelligent Guided Test (IGT).
An illustration of a user about to click into some suggested search results. The beginning search query is "need a" and the autofill options are: need an accessible job application (which is highlighted,) need a job, need a break and need a hug.

My experiences with inaccessible job applications & how to fix them

Since losing my sight in my late 20's, I have dealt with more than my fair share of inaccessible online job apps and other hiring processes. Let's talk about what could be better & how to improve it.