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Screenshots of the new color contrast analyzer tool in the axe DevTools extension showing (1) the tool has found color contrast issues that need further review, (2) the tool using machine learning to see if any issues can be resolved automatically, and (3) the results: some issues were resolved, some were move to automatic issues, and some still need to be manually reviewed.

Axe DevTools Extension Update: New Color Contrast Analyzer

With this release, Pro users can now leverage the power of our machine learning algorithms to determine if any “needs review” color contrast issues are, in fact, are issues or not.
Screenshot of unique page generated via the Share issue feature showing the new Screenshotting functionality for axe DevTools Pro users.

Axe DevTools Extension Updates: New Accessibility Issue Screenshot Functionality

When Pro users share issues found with automated analysis or with an Intelligent Guided Tests™, we now include a screenshot of the element in question to provide context and insight into the issue!
Screenshot of Upgrade Plan page in that allows users to now choose from 3 options: buy a single subscription for you or someone else, and buy multiple subscriptions for your team online.

Axe DevTools Extension Updates: Buy Multiple Subscriptions Online, Provision, and Manage Your Own Users

Need to buy more than one subscription of axe DevTools Pro at a time? Now, you can purchase licenses for your teams online.