Accessibility in Design

Design is often the best place to tackle accessibility issues on a fundamental level. We’ve collected some resources here to help you learn how accessibility and design fit together. By actively thinking about inclusive design as part of your user interface and overall user experience, you can make a major impact before a line of code is ever written.

How Deque Can Help

If you’re spearheading accessibility from within Design, or serving as the Design representative on a larger accessibility team, these services and training are a great place to start.

Wireframe Assessment

Design Audits are a great way to stay ahead of the game. Our experts can review your design wireframes and provide detailed annotations to point out potential accessibility issues.

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Instructor Led Training

Get role based Accessibility training for UI and UX Designers.

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Want to explore the accessibility defects of your site right now?

Try the axe™ browser extension. Something you might notice right away are color contrast issues. You have the power to fix these and make your app more accessible to people with disabilities!

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