2023 Session Archives

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Pre-Conference Development Design Organizational Success with Accessibility Wildcard
Uncapping Accessibility in Soda Emilio Jéldrez, Essential Accessibility Annotations for a Smoother Design-to-Development Handoff Carie Fisher, The Successes and Challenges of the Irish Government Accessibility Monitoring System Dónal Rice, Moving from Why to How in Video Game Accessibility Steve Saylor,
Accessibility Beyond Code Compliance Aaron Gustafson, Microsoft Inclusive Design: The Cognitive Model Anna Cook, The Things Nobody Tells You About Building a Successful Accessibility Program Mike Shebanek, WCAG 2.2 and 3.0 Update Wilco Fiers, Melanie Philipp,
Mega-Accessible – Mega Menus Stephanie Andrecovich, Getting the Most Out of Your Shift-Left Regardless of Your Program Maturity Matthew Luken, Panel: Getting Your Organization Started with Accessibility Sarah Fossheim, Arpitha Shetty, Zoe Portlock, Chandra Carney, Preparing Accessibility for the Future and the Present Jutta Treviranus,
Extensive Testing and Reporting with axe DevTools Harris Schneiderman, Shivaji Kumar, Research Through Broken Lenses: The Need to ‘Shift Left’ in UX Research Michele Williams, Trust is the true measure of inclusion. Change my mind. Elle Waters, Please Don’t Let Accessibility Become the Next DEI in Tech Alexis Lucio,
Whose web is it, anyway? Bruce Lawson, Ageism in Interfaces Alex Tait, Digital Accessibility Legal Update Kristina Launey, Our approach to accessibility at Miro, a real-time collaboration platform Phil Strain, Stefano Baldan,
Supporting accessibility in React: the difficulties and niceties Diane Ko, User Research and Personas for BARD Mobile Willa Armstrong, Wendy Stengel, Julia Kim, Building a Dynamic Accessibility Program in a Regulatory Environment Jennifer Cowan, Maker/Space: a DIY, Accessible Workflow for Tactile Graphics Used in Zero-Gravity Flight Chancey Fleet, Danielle Montour, Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, Lauren Race, Marco Salsiccia,
Hijacking Screenreaders with CSS Ben Myers, Scaling Accessibility: An Accessibility Design Manager’s Tale Allie Thu, Accessibility Beyond Compliance: Using Gamification as a Motivator Nicole Bergstrom, Kerin Griffin, The Accessibility to Burnout Pipeline Shell Little,
Next Generation Accessibility Test Automation Jonathan Thickens, Beyond Compliance: Best Practices for Designing Inclusive Products Hannah Wagner, Making Friends: Accessibility at Scale Donna Bungard, Working from Within: Having a Disability and Working in Digital Accessibility Justin Yarbrough, Steve Lowe, Trudy Harrington Karl,
What’s new in axe Dylan Barrell, Making Pinterest More Inclusive Through Design Systems Cintia Pereira Romero Garcia, Building Consistent Development Habits to Achieve Accessibility at Scale JoAnna Hansen, Elodie Fichet, Ph.D., Fabio Sacca, Sophia Morgan, Sheridan Martin, How To Truly Connect with All of Your Audience Without Leaving Anyone Behind Denis Boudreau,
Enhancing Accessibility with AI and ML Noé Barrell, Operationalizing Inclusive Design Saara Kamppari-Miller, Measuring Ourselves: GitHub’s Accessibility Scorecard Kendall Gassner, Katie McCormick, Elections for Everyone: Accessible voting in 2023 Whitney Quesenbery,
Structuring Accessible Forms Rachele DiTullio, Redesigning for Cognitive Ease Alyssa Panetta, Accessibility Maturity Models Jonathan Thurston, James Thurston, God Of War, Ragnarök: Hammering Home Axe-essibility SightlessKombat,

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