Navigating the Accessibility Iceberg: Approaches for Organizational Accessibility Excellence

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Organizational Success with Accessibility

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Too often organizations do not delve deeper than the surface-level, superficial aspects of accessibility from a very reactive standpoint. As many accessibility professionals know, a reactive approach to accessibility leads to fatigue and frustration. We must be proactive and system-oriented, and we must
dive deeper to problem-solve systemic barriers to accessibility.

This presentation delves into the depths of the Accessibility Iceberg, unveiling the hidden challenges and opportunities that lie beneath the surface. As organizations strive for excellence, the importance of accessibility emerges as a crucial factor that extends far beyond compliance. Together, we explore the
profound impact of accessibility across various facets of an organization, fostering a culture of inclusivity that not only helps to meet legal standards, but also enhances innovation, customer satisfaction, and overall competitive advantage. Let’s navigate the waters of accessibility, uncovering practical strategies to support system-wide accessibility efforts.