Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are sessions recorded?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and will be available 6 months after axe-con.

Are Captions and ASL provided?


Where do I find the Live Sessions & Recordings?

Axe-con sessions are available to Registered users only. After you register, log in to the site and access the 2024 Agenda page. Individual Session pages are linked from throughout the agenda. These pages will host the Live Streamed talk during the live conference. This same page will host the recording immediately following the event.

Take a tour of the axe-con event experience in the video below:

Are speakers getting paid?

Yes. We pass through the total amount of Sponsorship money from the “Support our Speakers” package in addition to a $10k USD contribution from Deque to speakers evenly. Speakers have the option to donate their payment as well. Last year, speakers were paid $1,200 USD. Sessions with multiple speakers share one speaker payment.

I can’t see any of the videos. Which video player is axe-con using?

Axe-con 2024 relies on the YouTube video player. If your organization blocks access to this service, you might need to attempt to access the event from another network.

Can attendance of axe-con sessions also be used towards continuing education (CE)?

Yes. If you’re looking for continuing education (CE) to count towards IAAP certification, use your axe-con registration confirmation emails as proof of attendance.

Common Technical Issues

I’m not getting any axe-con emails

There are a few common reasons you may not be receiving emails from Deque in support of axe-con.

  1. Maybe you did? Check your SPAM folders first please.

  2. Maybe it hasn’t arrived yet. It will take at least 5 minutes from your Registration for the Welcome email to trigger.

  3. Your organization may have a company-wide filter preventing the email from being delivered to you. In order to prevent this, ask your IT or Email Administrator to add “[email protected]” and/or the following IP addresses to their allowlist.

  4. If you Unsubscribed from All Deque Communications, Deque is no longer able to send you automated emails. Please contact [email protected] with written approval to opt you back in to axe-con communications and we can re-subscribe you.

I’m getting blocked from accessing the site

If you’re getting a page that reads “Access Denied” or “Are you Human?” preventing you from accessing the axe-con site, we may still be able to help you. Don’t fret, you may not be responsible for this activity. It’s possible the previous user of your IP address was the abuser.

There are 2 options you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Take a screenshot of the error, including your IP address, and send it to [email protected] to evaluate the possibility of getting it unblocked.
  2. You can also try accessing from a different IP address. Your mobile device while on your cellular network, a friend, or a business’s Wi-Fi will help achieve this goal.

Are the time zones listed on the agenda wrong?

Depending on when you’re checking the agenda, you may wonder why the scheduled times for axe-con talks appear to be slightly off from your current local time. The system will do it’s best to automatically detect your time zone when you first visit the site, but please make sure you set it correctly from the Agenda or My Sessions pages.


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