ARIA (are ya) afraid of the dark?: Unmasking common HTML monsters to create better user experiences

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It’s easy to be scared of the unknown. And for many UX-ers, the HTML that brings designs to life is one of those big “unknowns”. UX-ers are responsible for creating experiences; however, when it comes to accessibility and assistive technologies, some experiences rely on HTML tools more than the traditional design tools we’re familiar with. Understanding some basic HTML can help us work more effectively with developers and create better experiences for everyone!

In this session, we’ll confront and befriend some of these HTML monsters that impact accessibility, such as:

  • What are HTML elements, attributes, and properties?
  • What is ARIA, and how does it impact the user experience?
  • What is the DOM?
  • What is an “accessible name” v. “Alt text” v. “Programmatic text” v. “Aria-label”, v. “Text alternative”?

You don’t need to become a code expert, but befriending some of these HTML basics can help you collaborate more effectively with developers and create better designs that work for everyone!