How Do You Make Accessibility Testing as Efficient as Possible?

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To maximize efficiency on testing for digital accessibility testing, dev teams need to shift as much of the heavy lifting left and automate as much as possible. This is exactly what we had in mind when we created the axe toolset, particularly axe for Designers, axe DevTools and axe Auditor. See for yourself how easy it is to use them. 

Our tools are designed to fit directly into the specific roles, stages, and tasks of the agile dev cycle. They focus on providing real-world solutions for dev teams that provide automated descriptions and remediation suggestions–not overlays or widgets that make experiences more challenging for users with disabilities.

  • Start by making your designs and design systems as accessible and properly documented as possible with axe for Designers. 
  • Next, automate static code linting at the earliest stages of development. 
  • Then, include semi-automated testing tools, such as the Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs) found in the axe DevTools browser extension (Pro). 
  • As you proceed, make sure humans are an integral part of the validation process for automated tests to maintain the highest possible quality in the final product. 
  • Finally, streamline, document, and coordinate automated tests with manual testing using axe Auditor. 

With Deque’s comprehensive tools, your teams can focus on what matters most and keep your digital accessibility program moving quickly and effectively.