Pixel-perfect is dead, long live to adaptive and accessible iOS apps

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Pixel-perfect is dead. For the first few years of the iPhone, we developed apps in a rigid 320 by 480 points canvas. The first iPhone models where not very accessible, and not many customization features where offered to the user. Not even VoiceOver was available! Many years have passed and it seems the industry hasn’t caught up with the vast and very interesting set of tools we have to offer great customisation to our users, and therefore improve the accessibility of our apps. Now we have different form factors and device categories. Devices such as the iPad display apps in multiple sizes with its multitasking modes, like Split View, slide over or stage manager. We should support portrait and landscape orientations. The user can choose to have light or dark modes, select between 12 different text sizes, configure increased contrast, request bolder text, reduce motion or transparency, demand to differentiate important information without color… you name it! Let’s explore together what iOS has to offer to create apps that work for everyone. Long live to adaptive and accessible iOS interfaces!