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FireEyes and FireEyes II

Deque's FireEyes add-on integrates with the Firefox Developer Tools to help you find and correct accessibility errors.

I'm a WorldSpace license holder looking for FireEyes...

You and your team should all have access to our FireEyes II plugin. FireEyes II is actively developed by the same product team working on the aXe Accessibility Engine, and is available to WorldSpace Attest and Comply customers.

With FireEyes II, you can review test results that include details about the specific standard in violation, highlight the specific area of the page where an error is located, and inspect the issue directly in your browser, just as you did with your previous installation of FireEyes.

Customers have the ability to download reports and share accessibility policy settings. You also have the ability to upload issues into projects in WorldSpace to assign issues to team members and collaborate on defects.

I was using the free FireEyes plugin. Now what?

In September 2015 we addressed changes to Mozilla's Extensions API that impacted many browser add-ons including FireEyes. Since this add-on is no longer being offered free to the public, FireEyes Classic users have two alternatives:

aXe Firefox Extension

You can download the free aXe extension for Firefox. aXe: the Accessibility Engine is Deque's open source accessibility rules engine, and the extension for Firefox will allow you to perform accessibility testing in the Firefox browser. The aXe extension for Firefox has been approved by Mozilla.

Please note: certain FireEyes features are unavailable in the aXe extension, such as SimulAT analysis.

aXe Chrome Extension

You can also download the free aXe extension for Chrome. Similar to our aXe Firefox extension, aXe for Chrome allows you to perform accessibility tests in the Chrome browser.

For our enterprise solution, visit WorldSpace.

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