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Farewell to FireEyes

There comes a time when we must bid farewell to beloved software, and that time has come for FireEyes. FireEyes was a groundbreaking accessibility testing plugin and helped lay the foundation for our dedication to developing innovative accessibility software tools. The good news: out of the ashes of FireEyes, new and better tools have been created. Here's what you need to know...

I'm a WorldSpace license holder looking for FireEyes...

Please check in with your Deque Sales Executive or Engagement Manager. Depending on which WorldSpace tools you're using, you and your team should all have access to a new testing plugin. Our new testing plugins were developed to ensure that you're getting the most efficient and effective testing experience possible while maintaining all the FireEyes features you know and love.

I was using the free FireEyes plugin. Now what?

In September 2015 we addressed changes to Mozilla's Extensions API that impacted many browser add-ons including FireEyes. Since this add-on is no longer being offered free to the public, FireEyes Classic users have two alternatives:

aXe Firefox Extension

You can download the free aXe extension for Firefox. aXe: the Accessibility Engine is Deque's open source accessibility rules engine, and the extension for Firefox will allow you to perform accessibility testing in the Firefox browser. The aXe extension for Firefox has been approved by Mozilla.

Please note: certain FireEyes features are unavailable in the aXe extension, such as SimulAT analysis.

aXe Chrome Extension

You can also download the free aXe extension for Chrome. Similar to our aXe Firefox extension, aXe for Chrome allows you to perform accessibility tests in the Chrome browser.

For our enterprise solution, visit WorldSpace.

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