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Last week, we took a look inside one of our proudest  achievements here at Deque – Deque University. This continually evolving comprehensive web accessibility curriculum has helped thousands of people further their education and training in the accessibility industry. From helping students prepare for the IAAP CPACC exam to study guides and detailed learning resources on our products, Deque University has a detailed roster of both self-paced and instructor led courses to continue your accessibility training journey.

ARIA and JavaScript Accessibility

In last week’s post we focused on our Web Accessibility Testing Techniques course. Continuing on with our theme of furthering accessibility education, this week we’re putting the spotlight on our ARIA and JavaScript Accessibility course. This integral course is an advanced, technical level guide for anyone working regularly with JavaScript and ARIA, as it addresses the host of accessibility issues that can arise. The ARIA and JavaScript course gives students a strong background on the development of websites that rely heavily on JavaScript, DOM scripting, and AJAX. As we previously mentioned, one of the highlights of this course is the discussion about how accessibility challenges of common interface elements come into play. While these common interface elements are typically developed using client-side scripting, our ARIA and JavaScript Accessibility course empowers students with the knowledge to tackle the resulting accessibility issues. This is done throughout the course by demonstrating ways in which those interface elements can be made accessible – and therefore usable – to people with disabilities. Best of all, the course provides real examples of numerous commonly-used interactive web features.

The ARIA and JavaScript Accessibility Course empowers students with the knowledge to:

  • Use ARIA to build webpages and websites with accessibility in mind
  • Recognize accessibility errors in dynamic web pages and applications
  • Employ ARIA to fix accessibility issues
  • Build accessible JavaScript widgets
  • Test webpages for JavaScript-related accessibility errors, especially in regards to forms, widgets and dynamic content
  • Integrate ARIA and JavaScript accessibility into new content creation

Remember, building accessibility into your website from the ground up isn’t just easier and more cost-effective in the long run. It also improves usability across the board – for everyone.

For more information on this course or our other accessibility courses, please visit Deque University. Think you might qualify for a scholarship? Find out how our Deque University scholarships are changing lives for the better.

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