Learn How to Set Up an Accessibility Testing Program with our Web Accessibility Testing Techniques Course

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We offer a variety of great accessibility products and services at Deque, but Deque University is in a category apart. It’s an invaluable resource to continuing your accessibility training and education. And with self-paced learning as well as instructor-led courses, there’s a variety of learning options for your individual needs.

Recently we’ve highlighted some of our proudest achievements with regards to Deque University – including awarding  scholarships to people with disabilities. And thanks to our IAAP CPACC online training course, we have the most accessibility professionals certified out of any organization in the world.

Deque University offers courses on everything from Web Accessibility Fundamentals to MS Powerpoint Accessibility Techniques to courses that focus on specific areas of web accessibility, such as our popular Usability Testing for Accessibility course.

In the coming weeks we’re going to highlight some of our most popular (and worthwhile) courses for continued accessibility training and education.

Web Accessibility Testing Techniques

Our course on Web Accessibility Testing Techniques provides participants with the fundamentals for establishing an accessibility testing program. Some of the course highlights include:

  • A detailed overview of the five categories of testing (automated, manual, use case, assistive technology and usability tests)
  • An in-depth look at the accessibility evaluation process
  • A comprehensive description of the varying web accessibility testing methodologies and techniques
  • A sample methodology to help students learn how to optimize their efficiency in testing  

Overall, the most important skill students will learn from this course is how to set up an effective accessibility testing program within a company.

The Web Accessibility Testing course is roughly three hours in duration (which can be self-paced). But we guarantee it’s time well spent. By the end of the course students will comprehend the ins and outs of building an effective web accessibility testing protocol within an organization. They will be able to understand everything from when to use automated tools to how to perform manual checks. Students will also be able to perform basic assistive technology tests, and they will have the capabilities to develop test cases to perform usability tests. This course will also enable students to effectively use different kinds of accessibility tools to test for errors. And most importantly, students will also be able to explain to their development team how to fix the errors.

All prospective students for this course should have a strong foundation in HTML (as well as a general knowledge of CSS). We recommend that students complete both the Web Accessibility Fundamentals course as well as the HTML/CSS course before moving on to this course.

Please visit Deque University for more information on our courses, and to find out how we’re changing lives. Happy learning!

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