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Marcy Sutton is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque. She loves applying her passion for accessibility on the axe-core project, speaking at conferences around the world and producing accessibility screencasts for Her blog, Accessibility Wins, highlights accessible user interfaces and tools, contributing a positive voice to the web development space. When away from the keyboard, Marcy can usually be found riding a bicycle or a snowboard.

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Scaling Accessibility with WorldSpace Attest

a team of young professionals in a meeting gathered around a laptop and working on catching a11y errors with WorldSpace Attest

In this post, accessibility evangelist and senior front-end engineer Marcy Sutton explores how to scale accessibility with WorldSpace Attest, which helps catch accessibility issues early on in the development process. Marcy demonstrates how to use Attest with a walk-through of a typical front front-end integration testing workflow, with step-by step instructions on how to use the tool. Continue Reading Scaling Accessibility with WorldSpace Attest

Introducing aXe 2.1.7

aXe: the accessibility engine logo

aXe 2.1.7 is here! In this post, Accessibility Evangelist Marcy Sutton details the technical upgrades in the latest version of aXe, our open source JavaScript accessibility testing engine. Read on to find out how this latest version is better than ever before. Continue Reading Introducing aXe 2.1.7

Introducing aXe 2.0!

Axe The accessibility engine

It’s here! We’re excited to announce the launch of aXe 2.0, an updated version of our open source accessibility testing engine! We’ve made improvements to many rules and checks, introduced a plugin system, added configuration options, and enhanced our project’s infrastructure. Read this post by Marcy Sutton, Deque’s a11y evangelist and senior front-end developer to learn more about why the latest version of aXe is better than ever, and how you can get involved. Continue Reading Introducing aXe 2.0!

Accessibility Testing with aXe and WebdriverJS

In this tutorial, we’ll set up automated accessibility testing for a JavaScript project using axe-webdriverjs, a Node.js module making axe-core easy to use with Selenium Webdriver. This tutorial uses the Jasmine testing framework–which could be swapped out for Mocha or another testing solution–but is otherwise framework-agnostic and can be integrated into any project. Why automated accessibility testing? Automated testing can free up 30% of your… Continue Reading Accessibility Testing with aXe and WebdriverJS