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No matter what kind of digital accessibility challenges your organization
is facing, you need tools that are accurate and efficient.

Deque's web and mobile accessibility testing tools have been built around our philosophy of Shift Left Accessibility. Shift Left Accessibility (or Shift Left A11y) means introducing accessibility testing into earlier stages of your development process - in a diagram of your development process, this would mean moving the "accessibility testing" steps to the left in your visualization.

In the past, accessibility testing and remediation almost always happened at the very end of the development process or after the product (your website, mobile app, etc.) had already shipped. This approach is unavoidable when you have to remediate existing pages or applications to meet compliance goals and almost always applies to an organization's early accessibility projects. (If this sounds like you, you may want to check out our Digital Accessibility Guide to Getting Started or consider looking into an Accessibility Assessment.)

The concept of Shift Left A11y comes into play when you are ready to incorporate accessibility testing into your development process. This is where accessibility tools really shine, and this is the process our WorldSpace family of tools was built to accommodate. Move automated accessibility upstream into your dev team's integration and unit testing processes with WorldSpace Attest. Help your QA team perform manual accessibility testing with the guidance of WorldSpace Assure. Finally, keep an eye on the accessibility of your live site and applications with the continuous tracking and reporting capabilities of WorldSpace Comply. And for those urgent or especially difficult accessibility issues that come up and need to be fixed before your next sprint, we have our groundbreaking Amaze tool. Integrating accessibility testing throughout your development process saves time, money, and a whole lot of frustration. Is your team ready to shift left?

No matter where you are on your path to accessibility, we hope you'll check out aXe! aXe is our free, open source accessibility testing tool. You can download one of our aXe browser extensions or take a deeper dive with the aXe-core API.

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