Web Accessibility in Action at the 2017 axe™ Hackathon

aXe accessibility tool logoAre you going to CSUN in 2017? Then make sure you’re planning to stay for Deque’s 2nd aXe Hackathon on Saturday, March 4th.

Marcy Sutton and Wilco Fiers will be hosting, and this year we’ll be using aXe to perform accessibility testing on open source component libraries, WordPress templates and resources, and who knows what else. Then we’ll take those test results and translate them into user-friendly issue description that we’ll formally log with the content owners. So far we’ve gotten interest from:

  • Office UI Fabric – Microsoft’s front-end framework for building web content that integrates with Office 365
  • AMP HTML – Google’s new framework for building fast, mobile-optimized web content
  • React Bootstrap – a Bootstrap framework for building user interfaces with React, which is an open source JavaScript library that is currently used by Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Imgur, and many other sites and applications

Join us at the aXe Hackathon, and you can help make content built with these frameworks accessible to people with disabilities.

Details on a more advanced project will be coming soon…


Anyone! Everyone! All experience levels. Seasoned developers and people who wouldn’t know an anchor tag if it punched them in the blogspot. If you can download a browser extension, you can test for accessibility. And if you’d like something more challenging, don’t worry – we’ll have you covered.


The Manchester Grand Hyatt, Room: Solana Beach AB
1 Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101


Saturday, March 4th, 2017; 9am-12pm.


Because people with disabilities deserve equal access to the internet, and it takes a village to make this kind of change. Plus, you’ll come away with some valuable skills, like:

  • How to perform basic accessibility testing
  • How to put together an accessibility bug report that is easy to understand and easy to act on
  • How to log issues on GitHub

Did we mention the cool advanced project? Don’t worry – we’ll have more details soon.

And yes, there will be free snacks and prizes. You won’t want to miss it!

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About Caitlin Cashin

Caitlin is an "Accessibility Decoder" at Deque Systems. She joined the team back in 2011 and has taken on a variety of roles over the years. These days she spends her time exploring the best ways to communicate accessibility ideas and solutions to the general public.
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